Hope Star Climbers Expeditions

We are local guides that are specialized in the full Tanzanian experience. We offer trips such as climbing Kilimanjaro or numerous Safaris in our national parks and conservation areas. Hope Star Climbers has been serving the adventure minded travelers from all over the world.

As local guides we can accommodate groups of any size of our Safari’s and Treks. We can help you to arrange treks on several mountains in Tanzania, Safari to all Tanzania national parks and relaxing trips to Zanzibar.

We know how to help you maximize your Tanzanian experience. Our experienced, professional, English speaking staff will make sure that your adventure is a safe and successful one.

Our day tours are ideal if you have no time for the long safaris or mountain treks. By a brief visit, you can experience the vast diversity of wildlife and natural beauties of the Tanzania’a Northern Circuit. Contact us today and we will start planning your trek or safari together.


Safety is at the core of our mission.

We will always prioritise your safety and respect your limits. With a trained medical professional accompanying every group, you can rest assured that you will always be well looked after.

We know how hard our customers work to prepare for their expedition, not just physically, but also financially. We want to provide the best possible experience and make your money worthwhile.

Not only will you keep you safe and comfortable throughout your trip, but we will also make sure you are having fun while taking on the challenge of a lifetime.

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After years of exploring what our country has to offer – from white sand beaches to snow cap mountain tops - it would be a mistake not to share its breath-taking beauty and vast landscapes with the world. We aspire to show case the beauty of Tanzania to our world travellers, we hope to spread the word about the hidden gems around our country so that more and more people may come and see for themselves and have a good time while doing so.


We aim to harness the power of tourism and boost our local community by providing jobs for our people.
By boking through us your money goes directly to the porters and guides, providing reasonable salaries for those doing the groundwork.
Not only do you save yourself money by cutting out the enormous travel agency fees, but more of your money will be used to ensure you have the most comfortable experience with good quality food and amenities.


Phone/WhatsApp: +255 656 780 204
Mail: info@hopestarclimbers.com